• Hippocampe marathon

    Hippocampe Marathon and TrailRunning push wheelchair for people with reduced mobility.

    The Hippocampe marathon wheelchair is designed to allow people with reduced mobility to take part in training and running. Equipped with disc brakes, the wheelchair allows you to participate in group events or practice sports and trail rides.
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  • Hippocampe beach wheelchair

    Hippocampe Beach and All-terrainOutdoor wheelchair

    The Hippocampe beach and all-terrain wheelchair is water resistant and adapts to all terrains. Comfortable and easy to handle, it allows access to swimming, water activities or walks on paths.
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  • Hippocampe PoolAccess to water parks, private or public swimmings pools

    The Hippocampe pool is a wheelchair for water and facilitates access to leisure spaces for people with reduced mobility.
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Vipamat: Manufacturer of buggy HippocampeVIPAMAT

Vipamat designs products and wheelchairs to allow people with reduced mobility to access new activities and leisure. Vipamat products ensure comfort, durability, accessibility, and ergonomics to its users around the world.

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I'm going to the beach


I'm driving through the woods


I'm swimming in a pool

I do trails

I run on the road

I'm off-roading

I'm going to winter sports

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Our users around the worldTestimonials

I run in Japan an organization called "Minamichita Universal Beach Pro...

Shiori Imaeda

Hippocampe Beach wheelchair user since 2019 - Japan

Louis is a young boy 15 year old boy with multiple disabilities. He ha...

Michael Leroy

Hippocampe Beach and All terrain user since 2016 and Hippocampe Marathon user since 2020

My name is Emma. In December 2015, I received a service dog, Impoo. In...

Emma Beck-Rigola & Impoo

Utilisatrice d'un Hippocampe Plage depuis 2016

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