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The Vipamat Marathon Hippocampe is a chair specially designed for running and marathons

The Hippocampe Marathon is a sport wheelchair designed for running and hiking. The wheelchair marathon can be used as a jogging wheelchair for disabled adults or as a kids wheelchair. The wheelchair allows, in duo or in team, to participate in events: marathon in wheelchair, 10 kms or triathlon in wheelchair. With ball bearing wheels, disc brakes and an ergonomic push bar, the wheelchair marathon easily picks up speed.

Thanks to its low seat, the Hippocampe Marathon and Trail remains stable and comfortable, even in fast turns, it is the partner of your sporting challenges.

A lightweight wheelchair with disc brakes
The lightness of the Hippocampe Marathon wheelchair makes it an asset for wheelchair racing. Thanks to this mini weight, it is easier to push adults. The disc brake system ensures effective braking and locks as a parking brake. The removable wheels make it easy to disassemble without tools.

A removable and transportable wheelchair
Thanks to its removable push bar, options that can be removed, this sport wheelchair is easily disassembled and transportable in its wheelchair carry bag.

Wheelchair accessories
On the standard version, for safety reasons, the Hippocampe wheelchair is already equipped with the accessories: hood net, armrests, arm nets and a safety strap. Trail wheels, harness, belt, headrest and wheelchair bag are available as options.


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The Hippocampe Marathon, a sport wheelchair perfect for running on the road as well as for hiking on trails

Road running, participation in triathlons or marathons, hiking in the forest, paths and trails, the Hippocampe Marathon and Trail will accompany you in your adapted physical activities.

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Running wheelchair and jogging pushchair :

The Hippocampe Marathon and Trail is lightweight and easily picks up speed, whether in training or during events. Hippocampe wheelchair has been proven by participating in intense events such as the Boston Marathon or the Ironman Vichy. The running wheelchair is also perfect for leisure time to share moments with your family and enjoy the scenery.

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From running wheelchair to hiking wheelchair

The wheelchair marathon allows access to forest trails, coastal paths and hiking trails. With its trail wheels, the running wheelchair becomes a hiking wheelchair, ideal for a day in nature.

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Trail wheelchair

With the optional wheelchair wheels for trail, take part in off-road races and accessible trails.

Support and safety options

Mixed harness: Made of comfortable and water-resistant elastic neoprene, the 4-point dual harness facilitates the user’s support and positioning.

Waist belt: Wide and comfortable, the waist belt keeps the user in a secure position at the end bottom of the seat. A comfort foam protects the user from contact with the buckle.

Confortable Plus Duo: The waterproof Stabilo neoprene positioning cushion can be shaped with a vacuum and provides additional support to the user by perfectly adapting to the body’s shape and needs.

Height adjustable and reclining backrest: The height adjustable and reclining backrest makes it easy to vary the total height of the backrest according to the user’s needs.

Adjustable headrest: The headrest is covered with comfortable foam and adapts to the user’s position. It is adjustable forwards, backwards and in height..

Comfort options

Thermal cover: Comfortable and resistant, the thermal cover protects the user from cold and rain. Available in two sizes: M and L.

Rain canopy and legs protection: Suitable for rain, sun and wind, the rain canopy is made of anti-UV materials. Thanks to its wide, transparent windows, the user can enjoy a panoramic view.

Umbrella: The asymmetrical umbrella is wind resistant and protects from rain and sunrays.

Leisure options

Trail wheels: The Hippocampe Marathon and Trail has been designed to be used on roads and, thanks to its optional trail wheels, on paths and trails.

Pushing horns : Installed on the handlebar, the easy push handles adaptation allows you to clip the handles of the chair vertically and position them according to the pusher’s preferences.


Transport bag: Useful when travelling, the transport wheelchair travel bag protects the Hippocampe wheelchair during car or plane trips.

Backrest bag: The backrest bag, fitted on the back of the seat, allows to carry your personal belongings during your leisure activities and walks.

Bag for the 24 inch wheels: With this bag, trail or 24” road wheels are protected. Ideal for transport, this bag is equipped with two handles.

Bottle and stand: The bottle is fixed thanks to its support on the push bar.

Wheelchair marathon hippocampe: wheelchair sports or leisure wheelchair

The Hippocampe Marathon is a running wheelchair, designed for adaptive sports australia in duo and developed in close collaboration with its users and runners, to be as close as possible to your expectations.

A light wheelchair

The weight of the wheelchair, about 17 kg, allows a fast speed.

Wheelchair safety and accessories

Vipamat equips all wheelchair marathon with several safety accessories. Two armrest nets protect the user’s hands, and a net between the seat and the footrest secures the feet. A safety strap provides a link between the pusher and the user.

Wheelchair wheels

The wheelchair wheels are spoked and lightweight, making it easy to pick up speed on the road. The thin tires, with their optimized rolling surface, increase performance. The wheelchair can also be used as a hiking wheelchair thanks to the optional all-terrain wheels.

Disc brakes with removable wheels

The disc brake system ensures effective braking. The innovative locking and removal system makes it easy to remove and replace the wheels. This feature allows for quick disassembly of the sport wheelchair, and ensures a reduced space requirement when disassembled.

Stability and maneuverability

The low seat of the Hippocampe provides good stability and the handlebar design with side grips optimizes trajectory changes.

Wheelchair marathon options

To adapt the Hippocampe Marathon and Trail to your needs, several options are available: an adjustable headrest, harness, belt, rain hood, umbrella and the push horns, adapters to change the location of the pusher’s hands. A pair of trail wheels is also in option to discover off-road activities.
A back bag allows to store personal items in the back of the wheelchair and a wheelchair bag is available in two sizes: L and XL.


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