Our range of Hippocampe wheelchairs to improve accessibility

Vipamat wheelchairs have been designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities and ensure better access to the outdoors.
Whether for running, the beach, the swimming pool, water parks, hiking sites or campsites, equipping yourself with an outdoor manual wheelchair is part of a civic and integration approach.

Whether you are a local authority or a private company, we are at your disposal with our local distributors to inform you and help you improve your accessibility.

Communities : Equip yourself with Hippocampe Beach to facilitate access to swimming

The Hippocampe Beach is an all-terrain wheelchair providing access to beaches, swimming areas, hiking, and participation in adaptive sports. The user can swim in the sea, practice kayak, or even handicap water skis thanks to the stainless steel water resistant materials. The Hippocampe Beach and All terrain can also be adapated to become a snow wheelchair, with its skis on the front and back it can be used in ski resorts explore and travel snowy paths.

Safey et Certifications

Hippocampe beach wheelchair has ISO 13 485 and FDA certification. For saftey reasons, Vipamat wheelchair foams are treated against fire.

Cities, aquatic parks or vacation center and campsite: Facilitate access to your pool for people with reduced mobility

The pool wheelchair : the wheelchair for water

The swimming pool Hippocampe is an amphibious wheelchair that can be used in private or public swimming pools (water park, municipal pool, thalassotherapy center…). Made of stainless steel materials, the swimming pool Hippocampe is completely immersible.

Handicap accessible pools
People with reduced mobility can access the different areas: foot bath, changing room, pool.., minimizing transfers.
With a companion, the user of the water wheelchair pool can go down and up the inclined planes and small steps to reach the swimming pool.

Made in France, the Hippocampe wheelchair water for disabled adults and children meets the hygiene standards for establishments receiving the public (ERP). Hippocampe Pool wheelchair is certified ISO 13 485, CE and FDA.

Running clubs, disability organisations: choose Marathon Hippocampe to participate in adapted physical activities

The Hippocampe Marathon and trail wheelchair racing

Designed for running, the Hippocampe Marathon is the partner of associations for disabled, cities, or sports associations, to allow people with disability to participate in outdoor activities and running. Helping people with special needs to enjoy running with our Hippocampe.

Made in France / CE