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Two outdoor wheelchairs

Two Hippocampe wheelchairs allow access to trails and paths. Hippocampe Beach and Hippocampe Marathon are however very differents in their conceptions, sont cependant différents dans leur conception, one is stainless steel, the other has a disc brake system, and meet complementary needs.

The beach wheelchair Hippocampe, an amphibious all-terrain pushchair

The Hippocampe Beach wheelchair Australia is used on steep terrain and muddy and snowy paths. Stainless and strong, the beach wheelchair can also be used for mountain hikes.
Amphibious and versatile, Hippocampe Beach is one of the best wheelchairs for outdoors. Thanks to its self-lubricated rings that replace the bearings, the wheel axles do not deteriorate. The vipamat wheelchair can be equipped with parking brakes that immobilize it when stopped.

Marathon Hippocampe, the special needs pushchair to run and hiking

The Hippocampe Marathon and Trail, is a running wheelchair and a hiking wheelchair. The marathon wheelchair is stable and maneuverable and easily picks up speed. More powerful, the Hipocampe Marathon can go through puddles and wet environments but cannot be submerged.
It is equipped with a disc brake system, an additional asset, safe on slopes, which locks when stopped.

Beach and all terrain Hippocampe, Marathon Hippocampe two products complementary

Made in France / CE